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Inclusion of Disabled

This project co-funded by the Australian Govt. and CBM is based on the revolutionary idea of inclusion of the disabled people in the mainstream life. It means not having different institutions for them but including them in the mainstream institutions. Under this project we are undertaking various activities like:

        Vocational Training like mobile repairing, stiching etc are given to the disable people so that they can be self-employed.
       Self-Employment for the disabled people is encouraged and they are helped in procuring eqipment for  like pan stall, cutlery stall, biscuitsstall, telephone               booth, icebox for selling water pouches, weight machines.

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    Parents Training : The parents are trained about how to take care of their disabled children and how to educate and prepare them and make them able to face           challenges of life.
    Social Workers Training : We educate people about the special benefits of the Civil Disablility certificate and help them procure the certificate as most of them       are not aware of the procedure.
    Training of Teachers : The teachers of the primary schools are given special training so that they could nurture the differently abled kids in their calss along with     all the other kids. This is a big step in the process of inclusion of the disabled kids as they can be given education along with all the other kids.
Training for Mobile repairing
Stall for day-to-day items
Crutches Donated by us

Cerebral Palsey chair donated by us
    Aids for a better life : The disabled people are provided with tricycle,wheelchair,crutches,calipers,prosthetic limbs, cerebral palsey chair,hearing a aids,Educational toys forMentally Retarded kids,Walking sticks,
    Socialising with the disabled is advocated. People of the villages are educated and encouraged to socialise with the disabled people thus boostin their confidence.The disabled people are examined by experts and are treated and given medicines. The disabled people people are given training and are educated about their fundamental rights as well as work is done for thier empowerment through various methods.
Calipers donated by us
A polio patient after surgery
Tricycles donated to three people
Parents Training in progress
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