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A unit of Blind People's Association
Navalbhai and Hiraba
Eye Hospital
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No.      Aid                                                                       Amount (INR)

1            Operations
               Cataract                                                                                      1300
               Ear Operation                                                                             5000

2            Assistive Devices   

               Hearing Aids                                                                                800-1600

               Tricycles                                                                                        4000

                Educational Kits/Games for the mentally retarded             1200

                Crutches                                                                                      600

                Callipers                                                                                      3500

                Wheelchairs                                                                                4400
                Artificial Limbs                                                                            3500

                C.P. Chairs                                                                                  2250

3             Meals for the old   

                One Simple time meal                                                              100

We are helping thousands of people in living a better life. Come join hands with us for the betterment of the poor and disabled people , helping them see by making a donation to the hospital.No amount too small to give, no amount too large to take.

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