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The hospital organizes four eye check-up camps every week in the nearby 400 villages.Before the camp the workers at the hospital go and meet the Sarpanch and other local community leaders and decide the time and place of the camp.Then the workers go from house to house and inform the people about the camp. Two-three doctors from the hospital go to the village on the day of camp and check the eyes of the people for free.Basically vision testing,cataract screening, diagnosis of cornea rupture or any other common eye disease is done at the camp and they also educate the people various eye diseases and their effects.Around 100 people come to the camp to get their eyes checked up.Spectacles are distributed at the camp at nominal price.The hospital gives free eye drops to the people with problem for free and also bring the people who require surgery to the hospital.At the hospital the people are operated upon for free and are admitted to the hospital for about 3 days and are provided with food and post operation care free of cost.After the camp some people also go the village and take the feedback of people whose surgery was done at the hospital.

Bareja, Bagodra, Aslali, Jetalpur, Mahijada,  Vasai are some of the 400 villages where the Hospital regularly conducts camps.Till date more than 600 eye camps have been conducted, at which more than 1,40,000 patients have been examined and around 4000 restoration sugeries have been performed.The hospital continues to conduct these eye camps and has plans to cover more and more villages so that the poor people can benefit from the new technologies and have a better vision and thus a better life.
Workers of the Hospital infroming the people about the camp and taking feedback
Ongoing camp at the Public Health Centre  in Bagodra village
Worker of the Hospital infroming the people about the camp
Patients being taken to the hospital for surgery after being diagnozed at the village camp
Year wise statistics of the camp
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