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The Camp Procedure  

Finalization of basic requirements

1.       Finalize the name of the donor, which will be printed in the newsletter

2.       Finalize the date of camp

3.       Finalize the time table of the camp with the do nor

4.       Finalize the place of the camp  


Pre camp preparation

-         Printing of leaflets

-         Printing of banners

-         Contact local person (Sarpanch, Asha worers (Health workers), Village volunteer, school teachers, students of the school, religious institutions and others)

-         Distribution of leaflets as per the area decided by the donor with sound propagation

-         Display of banner 

-         Contact dignitaries for inauguration of camp activities

-         Before one day of the camp activities arrange the camp venue (5 rooms with 5 table and 10 chairs)  

First Day 

1)       Patient Arrival

2)       Registration

3)       Patients with Minor eye ailments are treated immediately, provided with medicines and are let go

4)       Patients requiring Cataract Surgery undergo further testing including Blood Sugar Test, Blood Pressure Test and Ocular Pressure Test

5)       A fitness for Surgery Certificate is provided to the patient by a Medical Doctor 

6)       A Consent Paper is signed by the Patient

7)       Patient and his/her escort (if required) are transferred to the Hospital at Bareja

8)       Medication as required is administered

9)       Antibiotic eye drops and other required antibiotic medicine is administered at night

10)    Lunch and dinner is provided to the patient and  escorts until the patient is discharged

Second Day

1)       Patient is given a set of suitable clothes for the surgery

2)       Eye dilation medicine is administered

3)       Eye Surgeon checks the eyes

4)       Surgeon issues a Final Certificate

5)       Patient is taken to the Operating Theater

6)       SICS(Small incision Cataract Surgery)  procedure is used

7)       A four blade disposable instrument is used for the surgery

8)       Intra Ocular lens is inserted

9)       Post operative medicine is administered to the patient

10)   Patient is transferred to a recovery area

Third Day

1)      Patient discharge procedure begins

2)      Removal of dressing

3)      Post-operative counseling is given to the patient

4)      A pair of dark glasses are provided to the patient and post operative spectacles will be provided after one month of the surgery

5)      Patient is brought back to the camp venue from hospital and discharged

Further examination of the patient is carried out after 4 days and after first week of the first follow-up.

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Blind People's Association
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