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A unit of Blind People's Association
Navalbhai and Hiraba
Eye Hospital
Navalbhai and Hiraba Eye Hospital
The N & H Eye Hospital has been set up by the BPA in Collaboration of the Bareja General Hospital Trust and was inaugrated by Mr. Indravijaysingh K. Jadeja, Minister, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Gujarat on 19th of January 2003.The hospital provides comprehensive eye care services to the persons in 32 villages around Bareja. With the help and support of donors we are now able to reach Nadiad, Kheda, Anand and Ahmedabad. Hospital, which had capacity of 25 beds, has now capacity of 50 beds after the construction of 1st floor. Our target is to cover whole Gujarat.

It is a fully equipped 100 bed hospital with modern day instruments along with
What's new
Inclusion of Disabled
Revolutionary project focused on methods of inclusion of the disabled people in schools and work environments rather than having different institution for them co funded by CBM and the Austarlian govt.

Success Stories
The hospital has proved like a blessing to thousands of people in the naerby villages.It has changed the life of many peolpe by operating them for free.


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A unit of Blind People's Association
We are helping thousands of people in living a better life. Come join our hands for the betterment of the poor and disabled people , helping them see by making a donation to the hospital.

Various eye check-up camps are organized by the Hospital in the near by 400 villages and give proper treatment to needy pateints free of cost

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Navalbhai and Hiaraba Eye Hospital, Opp. Pragati Hotel,Ahmedabad-Kheda Highway,
Bareja, Daskroi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India

Phone:02718 233655
Website : www.bpaindia.org
Email : nheyehospital@sancharnet.in
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